Plasa 99


“The Plasa99 company is a private company based on online business services and online application systems which always keeps the stability of the company by continuous study and adapting each of the times.

Plasa99 primary service is web development coupled with online products that will reach Plasa99 domain name website. The domain will be a product that can be used as online service provider for people with different business categories.

Plasa99 products will always work or will be looking for partners who will form a separate business with shareholders, stakeholders and business partners with Plasa99.

Plasa99 established on September 9, 2009 now serving hundreds of companies, organizations, and government personnel scattered across Indonesia in the form of website creation and website maintenance. Likewise with online business products in publishing has reached 20% of the target to be achieved was 99 domains online business website.

Technological challenge will come; Plaza 99 is ready to compete with local and international companies engaged in online business. Innovation and Transformation as a whole will be done at any time by learning management system. Implementation of learning management system will always adapt to the environment and the times.

We always make a commitment to assist the development of technology-based businesses in the perspective of education, business and comprehensive service to the concept of an online system. The products we provide will create new products and highly competitive in the global market online.

All services and capabilities to provide the best will we come up with the slogan



  • Creating the online business as the main medium in obtaining information and creating added value services for specified markets. (segmentation)
  • Creating excellent Plasa99 online products and services with different business concepts
  • Creating products and services which have opportunities which are asked for and wanted by the market based on original and realistic ideas, market analyses, facts and data.
  • Always cooperate with our stakeholders, like Ayosekolah, Medan radio, Medan kuliner, etc.
  • Go nationwide in 2013.
  •  Making effective and efficient management decisions, about the investment in assets (employees, equipment, copy rights, contracts, etc.)