IT Kola was founded in 2013 and formally registered in 2014, with the main office in Yaoundé. Its values include: Inspiration -> Commitment -> Realization -> Social Impact.

IT Kola is a collaborative platform for Innovation and Technologies for Africa.
Its current mission is: “Favoriser l´emergence d´entrepreneurs responsables qui contribuent à un monde meilleur et juste“.
The main focus is on social entrepreneurship and guiding / training young (potential) entrepreneurs through business incubation.

The main services provided by the organization are:

  • Training and coaching
  • Business development services (BDS)
  • Market & feasibility studies
  • Mentoring business start-ups
  • Provision of a co-working environment

The organization has an active partnership with the NGO “Demain La Vie” (from which IT Kola originated), “Afrilabs” and several others.

The organization asked the PUM adviser to assist the company with the following:

  • Support the development of an appropriate internet portal for the IT Kola website;
  • Development of a forum for (potential) entrepreneurs, project leaders, trainers etc.;
  • Relevant training for those involved in the administration of the website, forum, social media, data management and digital archiving.

It was proposed by the adviser, and agreed by the CEO of IT Kola, to start with a SWOT analysis of the organization aiming to derive an appropriate strategy for the organization. It would also clarify the context for the more specific assistance on other matters.