Rob van der Sanden


International operating senior manager & business consultant.

My name is Rob van der Sanden and as an international business manager & director, I am designing the strategy and programming the operations of account strategy planning and business planning.

 I’m known to be pro-active, practical, flexible with a creative working attitude.

International Management Consultancy



  • Commercial interim management.
  • Marketing and Business development programs.
  • Customer relation management programs.
  • Change management programs.
  • Sales management training programs.
  • Bid management projects.

My Projects


We will post an update shortlyt, we are working this section.

IT Kola

Kola was founded in 2013 and formally registered in 2014, with the main office in Yaoundé. Its values include: Inspiration -> Commitment -> Realization -> Social Impact.

Plasa 99

The Plasa99 company is a private company based on online business services and online application systems which always keeps the stability of the company by continuous study and adapting each of the times.

Need a Business Manager?

I’m always happy to talk to you about your ideas, your projects, the future of your organization or your company. You can expect me to be involved and (pro-)active.

Meeting the challenge of communication developments

Rob van der Sanden



International Business & Management Consultancy

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