35 years of struggle

Execution of the project

  • Interview  of de Management and the Director  about the processes in the organization.
  • Of all equipment , like PC’s, Laptops, printers, scanners, software and licenses, a list of inventarisation will be made.
  • Fotos about the inventory for security and assurances should be made.
  • Discussions and inventarisation of programs about administrative en incasso processes.
  • Discussions with the bank about the Incasso procedures van de member contributions.
  • Discussions about the execution of training the staff.
  • Presentation to the staff about the present situation and the road to a new new office and working environment.
  • Meeting with the CEO about a “To Do” list.

Activity planning and a  “TO DO” list:

  • Activities.
  • Targets.
  • Results.
  • Who.
  • When.
  • How.
  • Follow up.
  • Time planning.

Conclusions and Suggestions of the project.


  • No centrale agenda.
  • Big gap in handling of the Incasso-members  dossiers.
  • The information in the dossiers is not complete.
  • De payment of the contribution of the labour bonds and members is not always correct and in time.
  • Discipline of registration is not up to date. Needs to be computerised.
  • Changing of the ” island office automation” in integration by introducing a network environment
  • The operations of the C-47 Credit Cooperation needs to be computerised.

Suggestions :

  • Implement an agenda- and report model to monitor the commitments and targets.
  • Organise periodical (3-monthly) presentations to the management team and the other staff members about the tasks, cases and results.
  • Create a new open communication model to react pro active to the real and changing situation.