Windhoek / Namibia

Execution of the project

During my stay with Clocknet Technology Center, we executed the different programs, like:

  1. Producing a business development plan for the coming years.
  1. Producing a marketing plan for the next years.
  1. Brainstorm sessions about Company SWOT.
  1. Training the management in marketing issues and presentation techniques.
  1. Visits to important business relations, who can support the business, like the:
  • Dean of the Polytechnic College, mr.Lameck Mwewa
  • Dutch Consul. – mr. Ger Kegge (postponed to Saturday)
  • OneCall solutions – mr. Medmillian Handura – CEO
  • Swapo party offices – mr.dr. Comrade T. Elijah Ngurare secretary general.
  • Development Bank Namibia – mr. Martin Inkumbi Head Lending
  • SME Compete consultancy – mr. Danny Meijer – CEO
  • Mrs Natasha Williams – PUM Local representative.
  1. Brainstorm about the future developments of Clocknet, such as to :
  • Establish a new training centre in Oshakati.
  • Develop E-learning and / or Distant learning environment.
  • Establish software and hardware environment for this new E-learning programmes.
  1. New ventures to develop and to roll out next year (2013)
  • Develop a business plan for these new ventures.
  • Select management, trainers and staff for this new organisation.
  • Develop new job descriptions
  • Develop new sales and awarding system
  • Organise promoting seminars to stakeholders, like banks, scholar institutions and entrepreneurs.